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Konarka's Technology

Konarka is focused on the development and advancement of nano-enabled polymer photovoltaic materials that are lightweight, flexible and more versatile than traditional solar materials.  Konarka’s technology represents a new breed of coatable, plastic, flexible photovoltaic material that can be used in many applications where traditional photovoltaics cannot compete.  Konarka has provided that breakthrough by developing photovoltaic cells on lower cost, lightweight, flexible plastic substrates rather than on glass.

Konarka’s photovoltaic technology can utilize a wider range of the light spectrum than conventional solar cells, visible and invisible light sources, not just sunlight, can be used to generate power.  Konarka’s nanomaterials absorb sunlight and indoor light.  This light energy travels through the electrically active materials and a series of electrodes and is converted into electrical energy. 

Konarka’s unique photo-reactive materials can be printed or coated inexpensively onto flexible substrates using roll-to-roll manufacturing, similar to how newspaper is printed on large rolls of paper.  Just as newsprint can include text, images, and a variety of colors, Konarka’s photovoltaic materials can include a range of colors and patterns.  In addition, Konarka’s materials can be produced with varying degrees of translucency so they can be customized for use in new products and markets.  Konarka’s manufacturing process enables production to scale easily and results in significantly reduced costs over previous generations of solar cells.  The process is environment-friendly and does not expose the materials to harmful high temperatures.  Another significant advantage is that it does not require the invention of a new factory to do this – instead it can use existing coating and printing machines and technologies.  Finally, solar cells can be produced and used virtually anywhere, enabling production even in regions where supporting infrastructure is generally thought to be insufficient.

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