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Konarkas light-sensitive products can be easily integrated as the power generation component for a variety of applications.

Photovoltaics work with no moving parts and no noise, making them unobtrusive enough for use anywhere in an office, in your home, in your car, in the developing world, and on the battlefield. Konarkas products can be used anywhere light is available.

Konarkas photovoltaic materials can be incorporated into a wide range of products as a result of these unique features:

  • Flexible nature of the components
  • Light weight of the materials
  • Low cost of materials and manufacturing
  • Ability to be produced in virtually any form factor

This opens the door to developing new and novel light-powered products. Consumer electronics such as cell phones and portable music players can be charged with indoor or outdoor light. Business products such as networked electronics, laptops and PDAs can all be operated longer without the need to plug them into a standard wall outlet. Military applications include battery charging on the battlefield, remote power for unmanned vehicles and soldiers, and solar-powered sensor networks.

Konarkas revolutionary products and manufacturing methods can even provide new power generation functions to fabrics and architecture. To request more information send e-mail to .