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The flexibility, conformability, performance, price and weight of Konarka’s light-activated products enable the Company to expand into several key product directions. Integration of this versatile power plastic into the design of systems for lighting, sensing, communicating and computing extend and enhance battery life without increasing or otherwise impeding the form factor of product designs. Konarka’s photovoltaic fibers and durable plastics bring power-generating capabilities to structures including tents, awnings, roofs, windows and window coverings.

Konarka is developing portable, electric-generating buildings for the military.
Consumer electronics such as cell phones and portable music players can be charged with indoor or outdoor light. Business products such as networked electronics, laptops and PDAs can all be operated longer without the need to plug them into a standard wall outlet. Military applications include battery charging on the battlefield, remote power for unmanned vehicles and soldiers, and solar-powered sensor networks.

Konarka’s products take light in and deliver power out. This direct current (DC) electrical energy can be used immediately, stored for later use, or converted to other forms of energy.

Because Konarka’s technology utilizes a wider range of the light spectrum than conventional solar cells, all visible light sources — not just sunlight — can be used to generate power.

Laptops can be recharged with light thanks to Konarka’s power plastic™.
Smart phones can be operated longer without the need to plug in to a standard wall outlet.
Mobile phones can be charged in a remote location where there is no access to electricity.


Photovoltaic Products Patterns
Konarka can manufacture its photovoltaic products with custom colors and patterns to address the specific needs of consumers, businesses, and government agencies.
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