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Konarka Logo 300 dpi TIF
Konarka Logo EPS (vector)
Dr. Bill Beckenbaugh - President & Chief Technology Officer 300 dpi TIF (b&w)
Randolph W. Chan - Vice President, Manufacturing and Engineering 300 dpi TIF
Dr. Russell Gaudiana, Ph.D. - Vice President, Research & Development 300 dpi TIF
Dr. Kethinni Chittibabu, Ph.D. - Principal Scientist 300 dpi TIF
Dr. Lian Li, Ph.D. - Principal Scientist 300 dpi TIF
Dr. Srinivasan Balasubramanian, Ph.D. - Principal Scientist 300 dpi TIF
Edmund Montello - Director of Engineering and Process Development 300 dpi TIF
David Waller - Director of Organic Chemistry 300 dpi TIF
Dr. Keith Brooks, Ph.D. - Senior Scientist 300 dpi TIF
Konarka Technologies' revolutionary photovoltaic film coming soon
Konarka Temple in Orissa, India 300 dpi TIF

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