Konarka Technologies

Konarka Technologies Becomes First Company in the Americas to Receive EPFL License for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells

Company Marks Major Milestone Toward Commercialization of Third Generation Photovoltaics

LOWELL, Mass. - August 13, 2002 - Konarka Technologies, Inc. (KTI), an innovator in the development of flexible, polymer and nanoparticle-based photovoltaic technology, announced today that it has been granted licensee rights to dye-sensitized solar cell technology from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL). As a result, Konarka will be able to leverage its own intellectual property in conjunction with the EPFL license, to expedite the commercialization of its photovoltaic (PV) technology.

The EPFL's dye-sensitized technology was developed by the world-renowned scientist, Dr. Michael Grätzel, and enables photovoltaic technology to conduct energy across a broad spectrum of light, both indoors and out. Konarka is able to considerably enhance this technology, based on the company's own inventions and its exclusive, worldwide licensing rights to proprietary processes from the University of Massachusetts. These processes will enable production at lower temperatures, which serves as the foundation for extremely low manufacturing costs.

"The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology of Lausanne is very pleased to welcome Konarka Technologies, Inc. as its first US licensee for EPFL's photovoltaic dye solar cell technology," stated Professor Jean-Jacques Paltenghi, Director of Industrial Relations, EPFL. Considering the high professional commitment of Konarka's team, we are confident that this partnership will push this promising technology from the research laboratories to the market. We wish them success."

Konarka's dye-sensitized photovoltaic technology will offer a cost-effective means of generating energy both indoors and out. The KTI-produced modules will be more versatile and lightweight than traditional photovoltaic modules that typically rely on glass to protect rigid crystalline solar cells.

"Receiving IP license rights from the EPFL, as the first licensee in the Americas, is an essential business development milestone and a validation of the rapid progress Konarka has made in the development of high volume manufacturing methods for the dye-sensitized process," said Konarka President and CEO, Dr. Bill Beckenbaugh. "Dr. Grätzel has created a revolutionary technology of unique value. At Konarka, we are making significant strides toward transforming this technology into PV products and systems, with the potential to fundamentally change the economics of the way energy is produced by converting light into electricity. The EPFL license conveys both a wealth of existing technology, as well as access to future advances by Dr. Grätzel and his team."

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