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Lowell, MA, USA: Konarka Technologies, Inc. Appoints Chief Marketing Officer

October 15, 2003

Konarka Technologies, Inc. has appointed Daniel Patrick McGahn as the companys Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer.

Konarka is a developer of polymer photovoltaic products that provide a source of renewable power in a variety of form factors. Konarkas photovoltaic nanotechnology is focused on delivering lightweight, flexible, scalable and manufacturable products. The new hire will provide Konarka with a seasoned sales and marketing expert that will aggressively drive Konarkas growth, commercialization of products and market expansion.

As the former COO of Hyperion, Daniel commanded and grew one of the most successful, profitable nanotechnology companies in the world, said Howard Berke, Chairman, Konarka Technologies, Inc. His proven business expertise will assist Konarka with productization, revenue production and, ultimately, profitability, he added.

Daniel previously served as COO and General Manager at Hyperion Catalysis, the world leader in carbon nanotube development, where he managed the companys domestic and international operations in 16 countries, directed product development and led the build-out of Hyperions manufacturing facilities. Under McGahns leadership, Hyperion Catalysis launched over 40 revolutionary products used in automobiles, fuel connectors and filters, computer hard drives and semi-conductor handling, processing and control systems, packaging, copy machine handling and imaging instrumentation.

Prior to Hyperion, Daniel served as the Director of Business Development and Operations for IGEN International where he developed biological detection and measurement systems and was responsible for product development, marketing and operations. McGahn holds a B.S. in Ocean Engineering and a Master of Engineering degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

With Daniels outstanding advanced materials business development track record, he will further expand our outstanding management team as we transform our firm from a new technologies developer to a global manufacturing and products provider, said Dr. Bill Beckenbaugh, President and Chief Executive Officer, Konarka Technologies, Inc.

I am extremely pleased to join Konarkas strong management team and take the companys polymer photovoltaic products to market for commercial, industrial, government and consumer applications, said Daniel Patrick McGahn, Chief Marketing Officer, Konarka Technologies, Inc. My industry vision and business experience will help establish Konarka as a leader in these multi-billion dollar markets, he added.

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