Konarka Technologies

Konarka to supply EdF with solar technology


1 October 2003 - Konarka Technologies, Inc., a developer of polymer photovoltaic products, announced Tuesday that it has entered into a co-operation with Groupe Electricité de France (EdF).

Working through EdF's Easenergy team based in the Silicon Valley, the companies will collaborate to develop and launch Konarka's polymer photovoltaic products into the global market to provide a source of renewable power in a variety of form factors for commercial, industrial, government and consumer applications. Konarka's photovoltaic nanotechnology is focused on delivering lightweight, flexible, scalable and manufacturable products.

In a fraction of a day, the sun delivers enough energy to supply the world's power needs for a year. Konarka's technology converts sunlight as well as indoor, artificial light into direct current electrical power. The company uses unique, proprietary low-temperature production methods to put the photovoltaic cells onto flexible, lightweight plastics. Under the terms of the agreement with Konarka, EdF will contribute expertise from its European operations to accelerate the development and rollout of Konarka's polymer photovoltaic products.

"Konarka's co-operation with the world's largest utility signifies our deep commitment to rapidly transform the company from a developer to a global manufacturer and provider of products," said Dr. Bill Beckenbaugh, President and Chief Executive Officer, Konarka Technologies, Inc. "Our relationship with EdF will serve to accelerate knowledge transfer, technology development and to better position the company to enter the global market, as will Konarka's current partnerships with ChevronTexaco and Eastman Chemical," he added.

"Working through EdF's Easenergy team, we expect the EdF Group will benefit from Konarka's photovoltaic nanotechnology that converts sunlight as well as indoor, artificial light into direct current (DC) electrical power," said Alain Sarrazin, Senior Vice President at EdF.

EdF is the world's largest utility, operating a diverse portfolio of 120,000+ megawatts of generation capacity in Europe, Latin America, Asia, the Middle East and Africa, and it serves 45 million customers worldwide.