Konarka Technologies

Konarka Technologies Acquires Quantum Solar Energy Linz

Konarka Technologies, Inc. (KTI), a developer of flexible, polymer and nanoparticle-based photovoltaic (PV) technology, has acquired Quantum Solar Energy Linz (QSEL) from Linz AG, the regional Austrian utility company. The company has been re-named Konarka Austria Forschungs- u. EntwicklungsgesmbH (Research and Development). With this acquisition, Konarka is the worldwide leader in organic photovoltaics.

Konarka CEO Dr. William Beckenbaugh remarked, "We consider organic solar cell technology as a complement to our dye-based solar cell nanotechnology and are confident that organic PV will be a commercial success. One of the essential attributes of this technology is its compatibility with Konarkas expertise in roll-to-roll manufacturing and low-cost processing. The organic PV technology also opens the door for a hybrid solar cell, for which we have already applied for patent rights, that combines the advantages of our nanocrystalline titanium dioxide with conducting polymers."

Konarka Austria Forschungs- u. EntwicklungsgesmbH has benefited from a close working relationship with the Linz Institute for Organic Solar Cells (LIOS), which was established by Dr. N. Serdar Sariciftci at Johannes Kepler University. Dr. Sariciftci is regarded as one of the top scientists in the field of conducting polymers as applied to photovoltaics. As a result of the acquisition, Linz AG has become a shareholder in Konarka Technologies, Inc. Dr. N. Serdar Sariciftci has become a member of Konarkas Scientific Advisory Board.