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Konarka is backed by leaders in nanotechnology, new materials, electronics, chemicals and energy.
Since it was founded in October 2000, Ardesta has established a leadership position in the emerging field of Small Tech. It is the leader in bringing Small Tech products to the global marketplace. It is serving as an important bridge between the Small Tech research world and the macro world in which we all live. It encompasses a broad network of leading researchers, business people and commercial relationships. Find out more.
ChevronTexaco Corp. is an integrated global energy company participating in virtually all aspects of the global energy business. It is the second-largest U.S.-based energy company and the fifth largest in the world, based on market capitalization. More than 53,000 ChevronTexaco employees work in approximately 180 countries around the world, producing oil and natural gas and marketing fuels and other energy products. Find out more.
Draper Fisher Jurvetson (DFJ) is the leader in start-up venture capital, having invested in over 150 high-tech companies with approximately $3 billion in capital commitments and offices in the major technology centers around the world. In the majority of cases, DFJ is the lead investor for a company's first round of financing. DFJ helps entrepreneurs achieve their maximum potential through team building, partnerships, advice and support, as well as investments. Find out more.

Eastman Chemical Company manufactures and markets more than 1,200 chemicals, fibers and plastics products and is the largest producer of polyester plastics for packaging. Eastman provides the necessary dye, polymer and chemistry expertise, combined with global distribution channels that will help bring Konarka's technology to market. Eastman's strength and technical capabilities in the polymer market greatly compliments Konarka's ability to use conductive polymers to develop new applications with lightweight, flexible photovoltaics. Find out more.

There is market interest in next-generation technologies for solar and alternative energy. We continue to identify companies whose interests and technical expertise complement Eastman's. Today, most of the photovoltaic manufacturing is based on batch production techniques. That's good for some markets, but we believe the end-game is to replace batch manufacturing with lower cost continuous manufacturing techniques in order to open solar up to a host of new applications. As a result, we believe Konarka is uniquely positioned to enter new markets.
  Dr. Greg O. Nelson
Senior Vice President, Chief Technology Officer
Eastman Chemical Company

Electricité de France (EDF) is the world's largest utility, operating a diverse portfolio of 100,000+ Megawatts of generation capacity in Europe, Latin America, Asia, the Middle-East and Africa, and serves over 46 million customers worldwide. Its subsidiary EASENERGY, Inc., located in the Silicon Valley, is designed to detect and evaluate opportunities for the EDF Group in the field of new technologies and services in North America. Find out more


The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne (EPFL) is the most cosmopolitan technical university in Europe. The EPFL aims to serve both Swiss and international needs. Always outward-looking, its teaching, research and its contacts with industry reach people virtually everywhere: in universities and engineering schools, in developing and emerging countries in high schools and colleges, in industry and economy, in political institutions and in the general public.

Collaboration with the industrial, economic and scientific environments is a long-standing tradition at the EPFL. From the first computer mouse to methods for decoding DNA a thousand times faster, the EPFL is a unique place of innovation and competence.

In 2002, EPFL granted licensee rights to its dye-sensitized solar cell technology to Konarka. Find out more.


Within the wide spectrum of clean energy technologies Good Energies places emphasis on solar photovoltaics and wind energy development. The silent power of sunlight transforming light into clean energy will make solar energy the single largest source of power by the end of this century. Good Energies contributes to this challenge of sustainability through its investments in leading solar photovoltaics companies and wind developers in North America and its support of development initiatives in the field of clean energy technologies in general. We aim to help a new generation of technologies, systems and entrepreneurs to succeed and make renewable energy mainstream. Find out more.
The Massachusetts Technology Collaborative, an independent economic development authority, manages the state's Renewable Energy Trust to generate maximum economic and environmental benefits for the citizens of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. By making prudent investments and building solid programs, the agency is successfully putting the Trust to work for Massachusetts. The Trust is making a difference in communities across the state providing grant and loan funding to more than 321 separate projects totaling in excess of $86 million. The agency set aggressive goals to help generate 1,000 megawatts of clean energy, help build a vibrant renewable energy industry and help build state-of-the-art green schools, homes and buildings throughout the Massachusetts. Find out more.

New Enterprise Associates (NEA) is a leading venture capital firm focused on helping entrepreneurs create and build major new enterprises that use technology to improve the way we live, work and play. Since its founding in 1978, the firm has followed the same basic principles: support their entrepreneurs, provide an excellent return to their limited partners and practice their profession with high standards and respect. Practicing classic venture capital for over 25 years, NEA focuses on early stage investments, playing an active role in assisting management to build companies of lasting value. Find out more.
NGEN Enabling Technologies Fund, L.P. was formed by NGEN Partners, LLC to provide catalytic, second-stage funding to emerging new businesses in the materials arena.  Specific areas of focus are, polymers and organics, energy and environmental technologies, displays & electronic technologies, and infrastructure & telecommunications. Find out more.

Founded in 1982, Partech International is a venture capital firm with offices in the U.S. (San Francisco) and Europe (Paris). It manages approximately $850 million in early stage venture, late stage venture and public investments. Find out more.

Presidio Venture Partners, LLC is a venture capital firm based in Silicon Valley that invests in Information Technology (IT). Backed by Sumitomo Corporation, one of the worlds leading integrated trading and investment firms, Presidio acts as the early stage IT investment vehicle for Sumitomo Corporation and its affiliates. Presidio funds companies that, through the development and application of unique technologies, provide new solutions to challenging problems and address emerging market trends. Find out more.

Prime New Energy, founded in October 2000, is a holding company that, on behalf of its shareholders, aims at long-term capital growth through investments in the future-oriented domain of the energy sector. Prime New Energy concentrates its investments primarily on focussed pioneer companies in the sectors of energy efficiency, renewable energy and energy IT management. Find out more.

SDL Ventures, LLC and SDL Capital, L.P. are investment companies founded in February 2003 by Dr. Donald R. Scifres, formerly the founder, CEO and Chairman of SDL, Inc., a NASDAQ-100 company. Dr. Scifres joined forces with Michael L. Foster, the former CFO at SDL, Inc. to invest in both technology start ups (SDL Ventures) as well as public companies (SDL Capital). The strategy for SDL Ventures is to focus on early stage investments in technologies and industry segments that SDL Ventures understands well, such as photonics, optics, lasers, and fiber optic and microwave communications, and to diversify its portfolio with later stage investments in other technology areas. Find out more.

Konarka Technologies was founded based on innovative processing technologies developed in the University of Massachusetts Chemistry Department. One of the University's primary objectives is to contribute to a sustainable economic environment for Massachusetts. As a result, the University of Massachusetts Lowell initiated the founding of Konarka through the licensing of its proprietary technology and the services of its Commercial Venture Development Unit. In this process, it became a founding investor. The University develops new companies based on its own intellectual properties, as well as company ideas coming from outside its research activities.

In partnership with the University of Massachusetts Lowell, Commercial Venture Development invests in entrepreneurs with the goal of launching and participating in successful ventures. Since their establishment in 1998, Commercial Venture Development portfolio companies have raised in excess of $60 million from many of the largest and most respected venture capital firms in the country. Find out more.


Vanguard Ventures is a leading early stage venture capital firm that helps entrepreneurs build pioneering technology and life science companies. Each Vanguard partner brings hands-on entrepreneurial experience to the firm, as well as executive and venture capital backgrounds. Find out more.
Founded in 1981, Zero Stage Capital is a venture capital firm that invests in emerging growth companies in the following technology sectors: information technology, communications, life sciences, and energy technology. With more than 150 years of venture capital, entrepreneurial, operating, and industry experience among its investment professionals, Zero Stage Capital is the lead investor in more than 80 percent of its portfolio company investments. Zero Stage Capital is headquartered in Cambridge, MA and has offices in Manchester, NH, New Haven, CT and Providence, RI and primarily invests in companies located along the east coast of the United States. Find out more.