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Konarka develops light-activated power plastic that is flexible, lightweight, lower in cost and much more versatile in application than traditional silicon-based solar cells. MLB odds and baseball betting tips.
Materials Make It Possible
These new materials are made from conducting polymers and nano-engineered materials that can be coated or printed onto a surface in a process similar to how photographic film is made.
World Without Wires™
Anywhere there is light and a battery, power plastic makes it possible for devices, systems and structures to have their own low-cost embedded sources of renewable power. By combining energy generation and power consumption within the same device, Konarka enables manufacturers to create a World Without Wires™ with truly wireless applications.
Press Releases
U.S. Department of Energy Awards Konarka Solar America Initiative (SAI) Funding
- March 8, 2007
In The News
Business Notebook: Bright Idea
- The Boston Globle
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